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Postharvest and Food Sciences

The Institute of Postharvest and Food Sciences at the ARO, the Volcani Institute, includes 23 researchers, 26 technicians, and nearly 50 students and 20 postdoctoral fellows, dealing with keeping quality and safety of agricultural produce and foods along the entire food supply chain from the farmer till the consumer.

Research projects in the Institute of Postharvest and Food Sciences include: 1) Control of ripening and senescence, 2) Biocontrol and microbiome research, 3) Grain storage, 4) Food safety, 5) nanotechnology, 6) Health and nutritional quality, 7) Packaging's and edible coatings, 8) Biosensors, etc.

The conducting research includes development of preservation technologies to extend the shelf-life and maintain quality, safety and nutritional value of various types of agricultural produce, including fresh fruit and vegetables, grains, and animal based produce, such as milk, eggs, fish and honey.

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